My name is Emily Pollokoff and I can help you with your writing.

Whether you are a student struggling with an assignment or an experienced writer looking to polish a project, I provide prompt and attentive service customized to fit your needs. My years of experience assisting academics, professionals, and non-profit organizations prepare monographs, book chapters, journal articles, application essays, doctoral theses, websites, and more guarantee you a finished piece you will be pleased to put your name on.

The content and voice will be yours; I simply help bring out the best in you. I have a knack for helping writers meet word counts and deadlines, as well as eliminating those pesky typos that stick around even after you have reviewed your own work until your brain is fried. Correcting grammar, adjusting word choice for clarity, concision, and consistency, and checking the format of internal and bibliographic citations according to various style requirements are all tasks that benefit from another set of eyes–one I provide full of patience and expertise.

Thank you for visiting my site. I invite you to review my ratesportfolio, and testimonials to get a feel for the kind of work I do and what people have to say about it. When you are ready, please send me an e-mail to tell me about your project and what kind of help you are looking for, and feel free to ask any questions about my work.

And remember: only perfection is perfect; that’s why we aim for it. After all, “the rite of right writing is rewriting.”